The 5 most unusual apartment complexes in the world, near which everyone takes pictures

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What houses amaze tourists

There are so many residential complexes every year that it is difficult to list them all. And it would seem that we are already hard to impress. We have seen everything: skyscrapers in Lego-design, spherical eco-houses, high-rise buildings with 100-meter spires. But architects continue to look for new forms. The most unusual housing in the world - in a selection of OBOZREVATEL .

  • Waldspirale (Darmstadt, Germany)

This house feels like it came out of an Alice in Wonderland book. The bizarre shape, made in the shape of the letter U, no straight lines or symmetry. Everything - windows, walls, ceiling - looks completely disproportionate. But the overall design is impressive. On the roof there is a real garden with trees and bushes, between which you can walk on narrow paths. The author of this masterpiece is Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/14/building-gfc685b6991920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1281, "title": "A garden was created on the roof of Waldspirale.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":""}

  • Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada).

The 354 monolithic blocks are connected here as if they were chaotic. Although, in fact, there is a logic to it. The structures are arranged so that each apartment has access to a private garden, placed on the roof of the lower module. In this way the space is used as economically as possible, and the owners of the houses receive additional square meters and comfort. This structure was designed by Moshe Safdie in 1967.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/14/habitat-67-g61823b9bb1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1280, "title": "Habitat 67 is a good space saving option.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":""}

  • Casa Mila (Barcelona, Spain).

The international community has long recognized this building as a work of art. It is protected by UNESCO. The fact is that its author is the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who gave Barcelona more than one landmark. His works are often considered strange, untimely, inappropriate. Not all his projects have been a success. But one thing is certain - this master will forever remain in the history of Spain and the world.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/14/gaudi-ge2b3574bc1920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1285, "title": "Casa Mila is Gaudi's project.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":""}

  • Kubuswoningen (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

Is it possible to live in an upside-down cube? History shows that even amazing shapes do not interfere with comfort. So Pete Blom's architectural project is memorable not only for its interesting color, but also for its unusual architectural solutions. The complex consists of 38 houses, creating a closed circle with an inner courtyard. This concept is ideal for quiet family life.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/14/house-g8189f71461920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1278, "title": "Kubuswoningen has a nice courtyard.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":""}

  • Turning Torso (Malmö, Sweden)

Outwardly, it looks as if someone has "twisted" the tallest Scandinavian structure. Its body resembles a kind of spiral shape, and its size is simply astonishing. Interestingly, the architect Santiago Colatrava was inspired to create this building by his sculpture. It depicted a man wrapped around himself. Thus, in 2005, such an amazing skyscraper appeared in one of the largest cities in Sweden.

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