Plastic money and stray dogs: What surprises foreigners in Dracula's homeland - Romania

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What surprises foreigners in Romania

This mysterious and beautiful country is shrouded in legends of vampires and werewolves. However, people come here not only to experience this incredible atmosphere. Romania is filled with interesting places, historical buildings and luxurious palaces. What else surprises foreigners in the country - in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

1. In Romania there is the largest parliament building in Europe. It was built during the reign of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The palace amazes not only with its size, but also with its incredible architectural solutions, luxurious design of exteriors and interiors.

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2. Probably many have heard of the famous Mount Rushmore in the United States, one side of which is carved with portraits of four American presidents, 18.6 meters high. In Romania, there is a similar creation - a 55-meter mountain sculpture of the last king of Dacia. You can see it going down the waters of the Danube near the town of Orsova.

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3. In Bucharest, there is one stray dog for every 30 people. There are indeed a lot of them here, but special services monitor their health and mandatorily chip the animals.

4. A popular region - Transylvania - is considered the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, known in literature as Count Dracula. Although in reality there is no evidence to support the cruelty and ruthlessness of this persona that is attributed to her in the novels. But it is proved that Tepes never lived in the castle, which now houses a museum dedicated to him.

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5. Despite the huge number of historical and cultural sites, only 7 of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. By comparison, there are 34 in Great Britain, 51 in Germany, and as many as 58 in Italy.

6. In Romania there is a national sport, which is almost unknown to foreigners. It is Oina, a game that somewhat resembles baseball. But the most popular in the country is the usual soccer.

7. The state has many nature reserves and conservation areas. There is also the largest population of brown bears in Europe. So there is a great chance of accidentally meeting these giants here.

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8. In the Romanian city of Breda there is the only gold museum in Europe. It was founded more than 100 years ago. Now the exhibition consists of more than 2 thousand different exhibits of the precious metal.

9. Most people in Romania are Orthodox Christians. But in remote villages live Old Believers and Old Believers, who are called here Lipovans. By the way, there are also representatives of this religious community in Ukraine. Most of them live in the Danube Delta, namely in the cities of Vilkovo, Kiliya and Myrne.

10. In Ukraine, after joining the EU, the country has not switched to the Euro. Here they use the national currency - lei. Money here is not made of paper, but of thin plastic. It can even be washed if necessary. A similar practice is also used in Mexico, Canada and Australia.

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