How to bake Easter cakes in paper forms so that they do not stick: useful tips

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Homemade Easter cake
Homemade Easter cake

The main symbol of the bright holiday of Easter is a delicious, fragrant, light and successful homemade Easter cake. All hostesses prepare them in different ways, but most often with yeast dough. It is worth noting that also very tasty custard and cottage cheese pastry.

How to cook a delicious Easter cake

FoodOboz editors share helpful tips on how to properly bake Easter cakes in paper molds.

Homemade Delicious Easter cake

How to properly bake eastercakes in paper forms

1. The frosting dough only needs to be 1/2 of the way into the mold so that the frosting won't fall out of the mold while it's baking.

Pastry Preparation


2. Forms with dough should be left to rise in a warm place so that the dough has doubled, and then you can bake the Easter cakes.

Yeast dough for Easter cake


3. Paper molds are very thick, so they don't need extra support, but the dough won't stick to them and the pastries won't stick. You don't need to grease them!

How to make the perfect pastry dough


4. To remove the finished Easter cake from the paper form, you will need to very carefully "go over" the edges with a sharp knife.

Delicious Easter cake

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