Find the mouse in 5 seconds: an addictive puzzle game

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Optical illusion misleads our vision and brain. As the depicted object or image does not correspond to reality, our eyes are trying to deceive us.

Jagran Josh published a puzzle, thanks to which you can test your observation and wit. The most attentive will be able to solve the puzzle in just 5 seconds.

The picture shows a lion, but you need to find a mouse. This is a simple test for attention.

Find the mouse in 5 seconds: an addictive puzzle game

An optical illusion can be solved when our eyes get used to an image and perceive something that is not there. For example, the object looks bigger or smaller than it is or there are some other objects or words hidden in the picture. It all depends on the physiological features of our eyes and visual system. Our brain can also interpret visual information in its way. This often leads to wrong answers or distortion of the true image.

Optical illusions demonstrate how easily human vision can be manipulated.

If you can't find the mouse, look at the picture below.

Find the mouse in 5 seconds: an addictive puzzle game

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published a puzzle for geniuses, where you need to find an unknown number in seconds.

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