Which tomatoes can be canned and which ones are better to refuse: secrets for housewives

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At the end of summer, the active season for canning various fruits and vegetables begins. Housewives indiscriminately put almost all the products they can find in jars. But one of the most popular vegetables for canning has always been tomatoes.

Unfortunately, not all tomatoes can be preserved. We explain why and what tomatoes should be avoided.

What tomatoes to choose for canning

Danger in tomatoes

Canned tomatoes

Under no circumstances should tomatoes be left on branches. You need to pick them all at once, even if there are green fruits left. However, it is in green tomatoes that many dangerous substances can be found during the study. We are talking about solanine, a toxic substance that can cause severe harm to human health. Just 5-6 fruits will be enough for a person to get serious food poisoning.

Green tomatoes also contain tomatin. Although this substance is less harmful than solanine, it can also cause food poisoning if you eat a lot of unripe fruit.

But not all unripe tomatoes should be thrown away. If a tomato looks like a ripe tomato in shape and size, but differs only in color, it can be canned and you don't have to worry about possible poisoning. Green tomatoes that have just started to turn red are also safe.

You can pour boiling water over it

In addition, there are two ways to rid green tomatoes of toxic substances. For example, they should be soaked in saline for several hours or poured over with boiling water several times.

How to choose tomatoes for preservation

Tomatoes should be whole/.

In order to choose the right tomatoes for canning, there are a few important rules to keep in mind. Namely:

  • The fruits should be grown at the same time, and preferably on the same bed;
  • Tomatoes should be intact, without any damage;
  • Tomatoes keep their shape well;
  • Small size (for easy immersion of the fruit in the jar).

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