Which part of the chicken is the most harmful and why meat should not be washed before cooking: what many people don't know

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How to prepare chicken for cooking
How to prepare chicken for cooking

Chicken meat is a very budget-friendly, easy to prepare and delicious product that can be the basis for cooking broth, soup, salads, cutlets, chops. It is very important to choose a quality product, it is best to use non-store product for cooking.

Chicken fillet

The editors of FoodOboz share useful information about what parts of the chicken are dangerous and why, and tell you why you should not wash the meat before cooking. The information was published in the publication Parenting.

What part of the chicken should not be cooked

The most harmful parts of chicken:

1. Internal organs

They are considered the most dangerous part of the chicken, as they are the first to suffer if any parasites or chemicals get into the chicken. Therefore, they should not be eaten, and this also applies to liver, which is often used to make pâtés!

Chicken liver

2. Skin

According to experts, it contains high levels of cholesterol and fat. It may also contain chlorine residues, which are used to give stale carcasses a marketable appearance. Therefore, you should always remove the skin from the meat before consumption!

Skinless chicken meat will be safe

3. Wings

This is the part of the chicken that consists only of skin and bones, they have no vitamins and useful elements. In addition, a large amount of oils, seasonings and fats are used in the preparation of the dish. They accelerate the aging process in the body!

Baked Chicken Wings

Why you shouldn't wash chicken meat before cooking it

- The U.S. Department of Agriculture is warning against washing poultry meat. According to Undersecretary of Food Safety Mindy Brashears, it can be very dangerous because it is believed that washing poultry can transfer contamination to the area around the sink. To be safe, it is very important to ensure that this entire area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This also applies to all items that have come into contact with raw chicken meat.

How to properly cook chicken meat

- It should also be remembered that washing the meat alone does not get rid of the bacteria in the bird. Heat treatment is necessary for this!

It is believed that, according to statistics, even every second chicken available on the market may contain pathogenic bacteria. Especially immunocompromised people and children are at risk.

How to prepare chicken for cooking

British data shows that poisoning by Campylobacter bacteria present in poultry is the most common food poisoning!

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