What foods to eat for breakfast in order to have good health: the expert's answer

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Environmental factors have a direct effect on the condition of the whole body. That's why you always need to support it from the inside. And this can be done with the right foods. Particular attention should be paid to breakfast, the most important meal.

Nutritiologist Anastasia Goloborodko(anastasiia_g) told on her Instagram page about foods-adaptogens, which help the body to cope with stress, improve health, and are a great alternative to a variety of superfoods. They should be added to your diet and eat them specifically for breakfast.


Dark leafy greens.

These can be parsley, cilantro, mint, black cabbage, chard, onion greens, and spinach. The top concentration is sprouts. The components of dark greens have an effect on energy production and cause antioxidant effects.

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Cruciferous vegetables, a variety of cabbage

White cabbage, red cabbage, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower. But there is a nuance: the temperature will destroy the valuable components of these products. Therefore, it is better to eat them raw or cook them without boiling them in water, so that the texture remains crispy.



They contain components that help improve thyroid function. Just try adding seaweed to your omelet, or simply place it on top of an already-cooked dish.


A variation on a balanced breakfast:

  • 2 eggs with soft yolk on a slightly stewed log keel in butter.
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • fresh cabbage
  • cucumber with black salt
  • seaweed
  • hemp kernels. Then you can eat strawberries

You can also find recipes on OBOZREVATEL:

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