How to remove excess fat from the jelly: the most effective methods

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How to remove excess fat from the jelly: the most effective methods

The most important problem in cooking chłodnik is the excess fat. It spoils both the taste and the appearance of the dish. But this problem has several solutions.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you how you can easily remove excess fat from the chłodnik at all stages of cooking. The broth will turn out as transparent as possible.


1. Before adding carrots to the chłodeck, the vegetable should be cut into large enough circles and fried in a dry frying pan.

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2. Whipped egg whites can be added to the broth. The egg will start to cook and rise to the top. And all the extra fat will also be on the surface - you just need to collect it with a spoon.


3. Gauze will help to collect excess fat from the jellied jelly. The cloth should be folded in several layers and strain the broth through it. The remains can be removed with a spoon and blot with a napkin.


4. You can also take the excess fat even from the cold broth. You need to dip a folded paper towel into it - all the fat will be on it. After that, put a small piece of ice in the broth and boil it.


5. And in order to ensure that there is no residual fat on the already cooked chłodnik, it should be removed with a large spoon. This should be done after the jelly has already stood in the cold for one or two hours.

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