How to make candies from frozen berries: with chocolate and yogurt

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Homemade candies with chocolate. Source: Photo from the page of food blogger Inna Levenets

In the freezers of many hostesses lie berries from last year. But very soon there will be fresh fruit. Therefore, those that are available should be used now. A very good idea would be to make delicious chocolates.

The idea of making candy from frozen berries is published on the page of food blogger Inna Levenets(inna_levenets) in Instagram. The berries hold their shape and go great with chocolate.



  • berries
  • thick vegetable yogurt
  • sweetener (syrup or honey)
  • chocolate drips
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil

Method of preparation:


1. Dip the berries in the yogurt and syrup. You can do it without syrup, to your liking.

2. Put in the freezer for an hour.


3. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil.



4. Let cool to room temperature.


5. Pour the chocolate over the berries in the yogurt. You can do this by holding the strawberries on a fork.

6. Allow the excess chocolate to drain and return this goodness to the freezer for half an hour.

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