How to cook millet, so that it is crumbly and not bitter: there is one important point

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Millet is a very healthy, tasty, and budget-friendly cereal that can be cooked with milk or water and served with salads, meatballs, bacon, or cutlets.

Food bloggerOlena Mykolaivna (olena_mykolaivna56) shared on her Instagram page what to do with millet before cooking so that it doesn't become bitter and crumbly.

How to cook not bitter and crumbly millet

The main reason why the product starts to taste bitter is that the grains of porridge contain bitter vegetable oils. To avoid unpleasant moments, millet must be properly prepared for cooking.

How to cook millet correctly and for how long

According to the cook, the groats should be poured with boiling water, stirred and left for 3 minutes. After that, you should drain the water and repeat these steps two more times. After that, you can proceed to cooking in your usual way.

Why millet must be soaked before cooking

In addition, experienced housewives say that if you cook millet in water, for example, it is equally important to observe the proportions. Approximate ratio: 1 cup of cereal\4 cups of water. Millet should be poured into boiling water and cooked over low heat under a lid for about 20 minutes.

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