How not to cook fish: these mistakes will ruin the product

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What can spoil fish. Source: pexels.com

Many people often have problems with cooking fish. The product sticks to the pan, turns out dry, or simply falls apart. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you how not to cook fish so as not to spoil it. They will also share tips on how to make this product tasty.

Frying wet fish

Do not fry wet fish

For the fish to have a golden crispy crust, the product needs to be well moistened. Otherwise, the fish will simply steam, not fry.

Too much salt

You need to salt fish very carefully

If you don't add salt at all, the fish will be tasteless. But too much of this spice can spoil the product. Salt can soften fish fibers. And as a result, it will simply fall apart. You can add a little salt to the marinade, and then add the spices on top of the cooked fish.

Insufficiently heated frying pan

Pieces of fish for cooking

If you put fish in a cold pan, it will cook unevenly and start to stick. To get a crispy crust, preheat the pan well.

Frying on the wrong side 

It is very important to start frying fish on the side with the skin. This action ensures that the product remains intact after frying.

Fried fish in batter

Turn the fish actively during cooking

Make sure that the fish is well cooked on one side before turning it over. Otherwise, the fish will stick and burn. You only need to turn the fish once.

Cooking for too long

Do not fry fish for a long time

Many people worry about serving fish raw. Because of this, they often overcook the product in a frying pan. But this action is very harmful to the dish. The fish becomes dry and tough. The optimal time for frying fish is 3 to 5 minutes for each piece. You can also use a culinary thermometer.

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