Cossack millet tetera: a Ukrainian forgotten dish that should be cooked

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Ukrainian cuisine has long been famous for its variety of dishes. However, there are some dishes that can be found only on the pages of history. One of these dishes is the famous Teteria.

The Cossack Ate

It is believed that teteria emerged during the Trypilian culture, but became especially popular during the Cossack era. It reminds me of the so-called kulesh, because the main ingredient of the dish was millet, which was the most used cereal at that time. On a daily basis, it was mostly cooked in water, during the Lent they seasoned it with horseradish or kvass, but when any holiday was approaching it was cooked in fish or meat broth.

It is worth noting that the secret to a successful teteria is a thorough rinsing of groats. That is how it will be tender and without bitterness during cooking. The editors of FoodOboz have selected the easiest recipe for Cossack tetera, which you can easily make at home for 30 minutes.

Recipe for millet teteri


  • Rye (or buckwheat) flour - 3 tbsp.
  • millet porridge - 200 g
  • water - 800 g
  • fish soup
  • fat
  • milk or water
  • salt

Method of cooking:

1. First, you need to dilute the rye flour with water to a liquid dough and leave it for a while to sour.

In the meantime, boil liquid millet porridge with water.

What to make with millet

3. When the millet is boiled, then rye flour should be poured into it and salt should be added. In the process, the porridge should be constantly stirred.

4. If in the finished form the dough will be too thick, it can be diluted with fish skins, milk, water or fat.

The Millet Duck

5. The finished duck can be served with fried onions or kvass.

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