What does Antonio Banderas' only daughter look like and what secret does her name hold? Photos as a child and now

What Antonio Banderas' only daughter looks like

Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith is the main person in the life of the world-famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. The filmmaker himself has repeatedly spoken about this in his numerous interviews. This is his only daughter, and the star of the Zorro films has never been shy about showing his love for her, which has earned him the status of the most caring and loving star father. Stella is now 26 years old, and her father, an actor, never ceases to remind her that she is the greatest achievement in his life.

Stella was born into a family of actors. Her mum is a Golden Globe winner and Oscar and Emmy nominee Melanie Griffith. Her grandparents and even great-grandparents were also involved in acting. However, the girl decided not to connect her life with cinema or theatre, although she made her first film at the age of three. OBOZREVATEL decided to find out how the life of Antonio Banderas' only daughter developed and what she looks like now.


It's no surprise that with such a family tree, Stella was literally in the cinema from the time she was a baby. She first appeared on the set in 1999, when she was just three years old. The film, titled Woman Without Rules, was produced by Antonio Banderas himself and starred Melanie Griffith, the girl's mother.


In addition, Dakota Johnson appeared in the film - she is Stella's older half-sister. Melanie Griffith gave birth to her in her first marriage, but Antonio Banderas became a real loving, though not a real father for her, as the actress has repeatedly said. Today, Dakota Johnson is known for her leading roles in the films 50 Shades of Grey, A Beautiful Mind, The Stranger's Daughter and others.


But let's get back to Stella Banderas. The film Woman Without Rules was her debut and last film in her career. Although everyone was sure that the girl from the acting dynasty would not deviate from the course, Stella chose a different path for herself.


She grew up to be a real beauty, tried her hand at modelling, but decided to become a successful businesswoman. Now the daughter of an iconic actor is launching her own perfume brand. She is particularly hardworking and dedicated, which she probably inherited from her parents.


By the way, Stella's parents divorced in 2015 after almost 20 years of marriage. Even after the breakup, Banderas and Griffith maintained warm friendships. They still support each other in professional and personal moments, which delights their multi-million army of fans.


It will be interesting to know the history of Stella's name. The film stars decided together to name their daughter after their favourite acting teacher, Stella Adler. Stella's namesake began her career in her youth and spent time travelling the world learning acting techniques from other icons such as Konstantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg. Adler died in 1992, having trained some of the greatest actors of all time, such as Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Robert De Niro and others.


Stella, as we have already noted, has grown up to be a real beauty. She rarely appears in public, hardly ever attends social events and rarely pleases her audience with pictures on social media. However, fans have noticed that the girl is very similar to her maternal grandmother Tippi Hedren. Stella has inherited the 93-year-old actress and animal rights activist's refined features, silhouette, and elegant sense of style.


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