The Ukrainian Armed Forces won: how the final of "The Voice of Ukraine-13" went. Online broadcast, photos and video

Final of "The Voice 13"

On Sunday, October 29, 1+1 aired the latest episode of The Voice 13, which was filmed in Poland for the first time in the project's history with the support of the Polish broadcaster TVP. The final, in which 8 vocalists from four teams competed for the title of winner of the first European season, ended, but the 25-year-old war veteran Mykhailo Panchyshyn(PTASHKIN) from Artem Pivovarov's team managed to win the coveted victory.

The participants went through three stages, during which those contestants who received the least number of votes from the audience were eliminated from the project. OBOZ.UA followed the broadcast and conducted a text online broadcast, collecting the key events of the episode in the material. It should be noted right away that due to the changed rules, different teams had a different number of participants in the final this season.

The final began with a joint performance by all the coaches. They prepared a powerful performance, singing together the soundtrack of this season with the following lines: "The voice of hopes, of bold dreams, forever alive."

The first stage

The eight finalists sang new songs that they had not yet performed on the project. After the voting lines closed, the four best singers, according to the audience, advanced to the next stage.

Mayramik Avoyan (Nadia Dorofeeva)

A Ukrainian of Armenian descent from Kaniv, Mayramik Avoyan, had the opportunity to open the final. She sang a world-famous hit, the Eurovision 2012 winning song Euphoria by Swedish singer Lauryn. The 18-year-old singer's coach, Dorofeeva, advised her to take part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stasia Chaban (Ivan Klymenko)

An extraordinary participant from Ivan Klymenko's team, who has a unique voice and is a multi-instrumentalist, sang the hit of the Voice. The Voice alumnus YAKTAK's hit "At Night". The contestant added her own special sound to the song and managed to surprise the audience.

Khrystyna Starykova (Yulia Sanina)

The Voice of the Country is once again featuring a Eurovision hit. This time, it's Arcade by the Dutch singer and winner of the 2019 European singing competition Duncan Laurence. The 17-year-old participant from a small town in Donetsk region once again impressed the audience and coaches with the power of her voice.

Yuriy Gorodetsky (Nadia Dorofeeva)

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who is defending Ukraine at the front with arms in his hands, sang the legendary Ukrainian song "The City Sleeps" in the first stage of the final by Kvitka Tsysyk. Nadia Dorofeeva once again thanked her mentee for his sincerity and called on Ukrainians to support the defender-vocalist.

Halyna Pechenizhska (Yulia Sanina)

The Ukrainian woman, who moved to Germany after the outbreak of full-scale war and founded the Gloria choir of Ukrainian immigrants there, sang the rhythmic MONATIK track "Guide Me". The vocalist was joined on stage by members of her choir.

Vladyslav Pelykh (Yulia Sanina)

The youngest contestant of the 13th season, 16-year-old Vladislav Pelykh from a small town in Zaporizhzhia region, which is now under occupation, impressed the audience and coaches with a sensual performance of the hit AnotherLove by Tom Odell. Sanina praised her mentee for his work, noting that he had outdone himself.

Roman Panchenko (Nadia Dorofeeva)

The street musician became known throughout Ukraine and Poland when he performed on the same stage as the cult British band Coldplay. At that time, the Ukrainian performed the hit song "Obymy" by the Ukrainian band Okean Elzy. It was this song that Roman decided to sing in the final. This time, however, he translated part of the song into Polish to thank the Polish people for their comprehensive support.

Mykhailo Panchyshyn - PTASHKIN (Artem Pivovarov)

The 25-year-old war veteran who defended Ukraine near Bakhmut surprised with a powerful performance of the world hit Show must go on by the legendary band Queen.

According to the results of the audience vote, four participants moved on: Stasia Chaban from Klymenko's team, Kristina Starikova from Sanina's team, Yurii Gorodetskyi from Dorofieieva's team, and PTASHKIN from Pivovarov's team.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces won: how the final of ''The Voice of Ukraine-13'' went. Online broadcast, photos and video

The second stage

The four participants, keeping with the traditions of previous seasons, sang a duet with their coaches. After all the performances, the viewers chose two vocalists to compete for the title of winner.

Mykhailo Panchyshyn - PTASHKIN and Artem Pivovarov

Mykhailo Panchyshyn, a veteran of the Ukrainian-Russian war, and Artem Pivovarov sang a powerful hit together, Manifesto. The energy of both performers did not leave the audience indifferent.

Khrystyna Starykova and Yuliia Sanina

The trainer sang her own composition "Melody" with her trainee. Two strong female timbres impressed the audience. Yulia Sanina urged the audience to vote for Khrystyna, because in her opinion, this is how the voice of the country sounds.

Stasia Chaban and Ivan Klymenko

The audience could not contain their emotions after the performance of this duo. The coach and his participant sang the track "Under the Wing". Klymenko rapped effectively, and Stasia, as always, impressed with the depth of her voice.

Yurii Gorodetskyi and Nadia Dorofieieva

The Armed Forces of Ukraine soldier and his trainer sang a modern Ukrainian hit based on the poem "Dumy" by Taras Shevchenko. Nadia Dorofieieva once again thanked Yurii for his heroism and talent.

The viewers made their choice and voted the most for the two participants who will continue to fight for the main victory - Yuriy Gorodetsky and Mykhailo Panchyshyn.

The third stage

The two participants sang on stage the songs they came to the blind auditions with and managed to turn the coaches' chairs around.

Yurii Gorodetskyi (Nadia Dorofieieva)

During the blind auditions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier touched the coaches and the audience with his legendary song "Kyiv is my city" and repeated his success in the final of the competition. "Sincere, beautiful singing that resonates with the whole country," Dorofeeva commented on the performance of her ward, barely holding back tears.

Mykhailo Panchyshyn - PTASHKIN (Artem Pivovarov)

The war veteran performed his hit song "Unknown Hero", which the audience cannot listen to without crying. This time was no exception. Mikhail himself and his coach Artem Pivovarov did not hide their emotions.

The viewers made their choice and gave the most votes to Mykhailo Panchyshyn from the Pivovarov team. He became the winner of the European season of The Voice.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA also wrote about the most striking performances at the first crossbattles. Listen to the military hit from the veteran and the emotional performance of "Fortress Bakhmut" here. We also wrote about the emotional and strong performances of the participants of the second semifinal. The Ukrainian defender also took the stage and made the coaches and the audience cry.

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