Beekeeping, diving, sign language and other hidden talents of Kate Middleton that few people know about

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The Duchess of Cambridge has plenty of interesting hobbies.

The media constantly refers to the Duchess Kate Middleton as a style icon. There's also her hobbies of cooking and gardening, crossfit and rock climbing, tennis, hockey and netball. The list is not exhaustive.

While keeping up with her children and royal duties, the Princess of Wales also has time for other hobbies. Read more about them in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Beekeeping

In 2021, Catherine visited the Natural History Museum in Kensington. Then she brought a jar of honey with her and told children at a school in London that it was a gift from her bees at her residence in Norfolk: 'There are 350 species of bees in England. Isn't that impressive? Every time you see them, say thank you, because they make incredibly delicious honey." The Duchess learned the craft from her brother, by the way.



2. Knowledge of sign language

In 2014, the Princess of Wales used sign language while speaking to a scout club in London. She conveyed the following message: "I promise to do my best to be kind, helpful and to love my world". In 2022 Kate demonstrated her knowledge again: During an official visit to the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall, she communicated exclusively in sign language with primary school children.


3. Playing the piano

Kate Middleton played the piano at a Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey in 2021, accompanied by singer Tom Walker. The Duchess captured the hearts of the audience with For Those Who Can't Be Here.

Another impressive performance was at Eurovision 2023. Catherine performed a short piece of Stefania by the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra on the grand piano. This symbolic performance of the princess is another vivid sign of how much the UK and the British people support Ukraine.

4. Rowing

During her university days, Kate took part in rowing for The Sisterhood team. But when she became a princess in 2011, Buckingham Palace advised her to give up the hobby as it would allegedly cause a media frenzy. Since then, she and the prince have been boating exclusively as a passenger.


5. Diving

In 2015, the Princess of Wales qualified as an Open Water Diving Instructor by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This means she is able to dive to depths of up to 30 metres. A risky hobby, as at such depths there can be nitrogen narcosis, very similar to alcohol intoxication.


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