"You cannot allow HAMAS to continue to lead": Blinken discussed the search for a sustainable future for Gaza

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Blinken outlined principles for a post-conflict future for Gaza

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has emphasized the importance of finding a sustainable future for the Gaza Strip. According to the politician, this involves, in particular, preventing the re-occupation of the region and the displacement of the Palestinian people from there.

The Secretary of State said this in an interview with NHK. He emphasized that there is a post-conflict future for Gaza with the following main principles:

- Hamas should not be allowed to rule Gaza.

- Preventing the repeated Israeli occupation of Gaza.

- The region cannot be used as a platform for terrorist attacks.

- Preventing the expulsion of the Palestinian people from Gaza.

- Establishing governance that will unite the West Bank and Gaza.

- Blinken also emphasized that the G7 supports humanitarian pauses in the fighting.

Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to initiate a 3-day pause in the fighting. This is necessary for the safe release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. At the same time, Netanyahu expressed his lack of trust in the intentions of the terrorists and did not believe that they were ready to agree to a hostage deal.

On November 8, it became known that the United States had already evacuated more than 400 American citizens and their families from the Gaza Strip. Over the last day alone, the evacuation of about 100 people was organized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The Israel Defense Forces announced that they had attacked more than 14,000 terrorist targets over the past month. The IDF also destroyed many HAMAS militants, key infrastructure, and weapons.

- The day before, Israel reported that the IDF was conducting operations in the center of Gaza City, targeting HAMAS militants in the Palestinian enclave who were trying to hide underground.

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