"The Fuhrer's fate is clear." Bezsmertny explains what to expect from the peace summit in Switzerland. Video

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Bezsmertny explained the significance of the peace summit in Switzerland

As a result of the peace summit in Switzerland, Russia should receive a document on a peaceful plan to end the war, which it will most likely not agree to. The summit cannot influence the terrorist country, which understands only the language of force. But its significance is that it will become an "information weapon" for Ukraine.

This was stated by diplomat and international politics expert Roman Bezsmertny in the new issue of the Oboz.Talk program. He explained what to expect from the peace summit in Switzerland.

"What is important here? It is a very good information weapon. I would emphasize this. In general, I would remove the topic of real influence from the discourse. Because Russia is only affected by bombs, shells, drones, and so on. This is what affects Russia. Because the diagnosis there has long been clear... But as far as Ukraine and the world are concerned, such an intellectual information step is very important. First, it shows that the Ukrainian nation is healthy. It is able to think, it understands itself, it sees itself in the world. We need to work on the text to show that we are part of the civilized world. And here are the orcs right next to us. Therefore, the prospect with them is clear, obvious in advance, because it has been diagnosed," says Bezsmertny.

In his opinion, the summit should discuss the prospects for a world order in which there is no place for the evil that Russia brings

"Therefore, we need to think about how to remove this appendix. Because it hurts the whole world. Everyone says that it concerns and has affected all countries and all citizens of the world without exception. So this appendix needs to be removed... How? This is what we need to work on," Bezsmertny emphasized.

The summit should show "Fuhrer" Putin and his clique that their fate is sealed, the diplomat believes. It doesn't matter if Putin rejects the document adopted by the summit.

"I don't think we should pay any attention to this at all, whether it was rejected or not. Well, who cares what the Fuhrer will do there. The Fuhrer's fate is clear," the diplomat emphasized.

Bezsmerny is convinced that we should not expect a real solution to the problem from the summit. "This is an informational occasion to work hard," the diplomat said.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Roman Bezsmertny also explained in an interview what is wrong with China's commitment not to supply weapons to Russia. According to him, the fact that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has pledged not to sell weapons to the aggressor country of Russia is a diplomatic game. China has not supplied weapons to Moscow before, but has helped it in other ways and is likely to continue to do so.

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