"Successes in battle are more important than conventions:" Bulgarian Prime Minister supports transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine

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Decisions taken on cluster bombs ''politically sensitive''

Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov supported the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine. He said that success in combat is more important than conventions.

This was reported by Sky News. "We are in a state of full-scale war, so when there is a war, conventions are important, but it is even more important to achieve success on the battlefield," Denkov said.

He said that decisions made on cluster bombs are "politically sensitive" but added that he did not want to "go into this topic".

The White House has been criticised for supplying the munitions, which are banned by many allies because they kill indiscriminately and can remain deadly long after the end of hostilities.

Bulgaria is one of 123 countries that have signed a convention banning their use.

To recap: The United States announced a new package of assistance to Ukraine with cluster munitions. Ukraine has repeatedly asked for this type of ammunition, as it will allow it to destroy enemy infantry and equipment much more effectively. After the announcement of the new package, US President Joe Biden explained the need to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions. He noted that it was "a difficult decision, but a very necessary one".

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Operational Command "South" assured that cluster munitions will be used in open areas, while in Kherson region, the left-bank part of which is occupied by Russia, the military needs high-precision weapons more. Cluster munitions will help the Ukrainian army to destroy enemy manpower even more effectively. However, Ukrainian soldiers will use them in accordance with the principles of international humanitarian law;

- Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov explained how cluster munitions will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their counter-offensive. He also noted that Kyiv will keep strict records of the use of these munitions and pledged not to use them for attacks on Russian territory or in Ukrainian cities.

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