"Neutrality will not be affected": Swiss parliamentary committee supports indirect arms exports to Ukraine

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Switzerland supports Ukraine in other ways

The Swiss Parliamentary Committee on Security Policy has approved a proposal that could pave the way for indirect arms exports to Ukraine. The next step is to consider the legislative initiative in the National Council of Switzerland and the Council of Cantons (the upper house of parliament).

This was reported by Blick. The committee proposed to amend the current law prohibiting the re-export of weapons to Ukraine.

To this end, it initiated the submission of the relevant bill to the parliament.

During the committee's vote, the proposal received an equal number of votes: 10 MPs supported the initiative, 10 opposed it, and four abstained. The decisive vote was cast by the committee chairwoman, Seiler Graf, who supported the proposal.

The initiative will now be considered by the Swiss National Council and the Council of Cantons (the upper house of parliament). Only after approval by the deputies can this decision come into force.

Switzerland, as a neutral country, prohibits direct arms supplies to Ukraine, as well as the transfer of Swiss weapons by third countries for the needs of the Ukrainian military. However, Switzerland supports Ukraine in other ways, in particular, by implementing sanctions against Russia, agreed with the European Union.

As previously reported by OBOZ.UA, Viola Amherd called it a good result of the Peace Summit that delegations from more than 80 countries and organizations joined the joint communiqué following the event. The conference received broad support not only from Western countries, but also from the African continent and Latin America.

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