Told "stories" about destroyed Leopards: details about the commander of the Russian occupation forces in Zaporizhzhia have surfaced

Data on Aleksandr Romanchuk leaked online
Data on Aleksandr Romanchuk leaked online

Ukrainian investigators have found personal data of Russian Colonel-General Aleksandr Romanchuk. He commands a group of occupation troops in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

The high-ranking occupier is registered in the village of Kalininets, Moscow region, house 264, apartment 48. His wife Romanchuk (maiden name Kuchnamor) Olga Yukhymivna also lives there. The information was found by OSINT Bees.

Commander of the Russian Federation grouping in the Zaporizhzhia direction Aleksandr Romanchuk

It is known that the colonel general of the enemy army is from the Ukrainian city of Luhansk. He is 64 years old (born 15.04.1959).

Recently, Romanchuk recorded a propaganda video in which he boasted of the Russian Armed Forces' "successes" in "repelling the offensive" of the Ukrainian Defence Forces in Zaporizhzhia region. He claimed that the invaders had allegedly destroyed Ukrainian Leopard tanks.

Occupant Aleksandr Romanchuk

Passport 4606 466751, issued by the Selyatinskoye Village Police Department of the Naro-Fominsk Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region on 03.06.2004.

Phone number +79281005035 (WhatsApp).


The occupier's wife is Olga Yukhymivna Romanchuk (born 17.03.1965). Her taxpayer identification number is 503009669363, SNILS (insurance number of individual personal account) is 17513098366.

The addresses of the Colonel-General's wife are: Kalininets (Moscow Region), 264, apartment 48; Moscow, 5/3 Krasnozarmennaya St., bldg. 11, apartment 383. Olga Romanchuk's car is a Renault Duster X122AU750. E-mail: [email protected].

Social networks:

- https://instagram.com/olgakuchnamor;

- https://instagram.com/kuchnamor;

- https://instagram.com/olya_kuchnamor;


Investigators found Valentina Nosuleva, the wife of Russian General Mikhail Nosulev, among Olga Romanchuk's Instagram friends.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanchuk

The occupier has a son, Vladimir Alexandrovich Romanchuk (born on 02.02.1992). He is registered in Moscow, 29 Boris Pasternak Street, room 2, apartment 167. Passport 4613 187862, issued by TP No. 3 of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Moscow region in the Naro-Fominsky district on 06.08.2013. Mail of the occupier's son [email protected].

Social networks:

- https://instagram.com/blackoverlord;

- https://vk.com/id187177809;

- https://vk.com/id9792896.

Vladimir Romanchuk's phone number is +79161772873 (WhatsApp).

Son of a colonel general of the aggressor country

According to open sources, Romanchuk was promoted to the rank of colonel general in February 2023.

In 2016, he was the chief military adviser in Syria. He has received many orders and medals from the Kremlin, including the second class "For Merit to the Fatherland".

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the authorities of the Russian Republic of Khakassia have stopped publishing obituaries of their residents who died in the war against Ukraine. This happened after a ban from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

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