The SBU announced the suspicion of Russian senators who voted for the "annexation" of the occupied regions of Ukraine to Russia

The Security Service of Ukraine has reported that all Russian senators who voted for the "annexation" of the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine to Russia are under suspicion. We are talking about 170 senators who voted for the criminal decision.

The perpetrators face up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment with confiscation of property. This is reported by the press service of the SBU.

According to the SBU and the Office of the Prosecutor General, in February 2022, Russian senators supported the ratification of the "treaty on friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance" between the aggressor country and the terrorist organizations "L/DNR." In addition, the officials unanimously supported the appeal of dictator Vladimir Putin on the use of Russian armed forces outside the country.

The Security Service noted that by their decisions, the senators contributed to the implementation of the Russian plan to wage an aggressive war against Ukraine. In addition, in October 2022, they ratified "treaties on the incorporation" of the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya regions into Russia.

Based on the collected evidence, the Security Service investigators informed the Russian senators of suspicion under the articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine Part. 3 of Article 110 (infringement on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) and part 5 of Article 27, part 2 of Article 437 (planning, preparation, unleashing, and waging a war of aggression).

We shall remind you that the scandalous former MP of the banned Ukraine party "Opposition Platform - For Life" Oleh Voloshyn faces 15 years in prison. He worked for the Russian Federation and tried to discredit Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Poltava district court worked for the FSB of the Russian Federation and leaked to the enemy data on the defenders of Mariupol. To cooperate with the invaders the intruder herself came out, at that time she worked as a judge in the city district court of temporarily occupied Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia region.

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