The occupants have re-established their combat positions in Nova Kakhovka and want to gain a foothold near Antonivsky Bridge. Map

The RF Armed Forces have resumed their positions in Nova Kakhovka and want to entrench near the Antonivsky Bridge

In Nova Kakhovka in Kherson region, the number of enemy troops has increased again after the water ran out because the occupants blew up the hydroelectric dam. The invaders there have already restored their combat positions and are trying to do so near the Antonivsky bridge, which connects the temporarily occupied settlements with the regional center.

Russian forces are returning there again to increase the amount of shelling. The mayor of Nova Kakhovka Volodymyr Kovalenko and the head of the United Coordinating Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces Natalia Gumenyuk told this.

"The water has completely receded. The enemy has re-established their fighting positions on the shore. The Russians have again put up what the locals call toilets around the city - that is, concrete structures with windows for firing. No one is allowed to approach the coastal area," pointed out the mayor.

According to him, in the city itself the enemy has additionally deployed its troops on Dniprovsky Avenue, where on the second and third floors of houses it has set up machine gun points, which was not the case before.


He says that there are quite a few occupants in Nova Kakhovka. There is chaotic shooting there every day. Periodically from the wooded area, located almost in the city, the Russian troops fire at the Ukrainian settlements on the right bank - Veseloye and Kazatskoye.

"The enemy is not going anywhere from the city, but just the opposite - the number of enemy personnel has increased significantly," Kovalenko said.

The Russian Armed Forces are also trying to restore positions near the Antonivsky Bridge over the Dnieper River, which connects Kherson with the left bank (temporarily occupied by Oleshki and Hola Prystan). The AFU soldiers clear them, but the occupants return with surprising stubbornness and try to turn around again.


"Because they need to follow orders and simulate at least some turbulent activity, which they cannot demonstrate, for example, in Zaporizhzhia and the eastern direction," Natalia Gumenyuk explained on TV Marathon.

A representative of the OC Yug says that the invaders put up a strong resistance, trying to increase the number of attacks. In the past 24 hours alone there were about a hundred of them: almost 50 during the daylight hours and up to 40 more at night. The enemy is also using aviation again - guided Russian air bombs in the past 24 hours have already been directed at Kherson itself.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in the south of Ukraine there is a powerful combat work of the Defense Forces. The defenders pay special attention to counter-battery warfare and inflict losses on the enemy in manpower and equipment.

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