The loss of the Sergey Kotov has had an impact: Russia has not deployed its ships to the Black Sea for almost a week

The occupiers have not been on duty in the Black Sea for almost a week

After the Ukrainian military destroyed the patrol ship Sergey Kotov, the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have not entered the Black Sea for almost a week. For this reason, the occupiers have begun to use their aviation more often to attack.

This was stated by the spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy Dmytro Pletenchuk during a telethon. It should be noted that the Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated the Russian vessel Sergey Kotov on March 5.

Therefore, Russian forces use aviation to attack the port infrastructure of Ukrainian cities, as this is the only way to inflict damage when ships are not on duty.

In addition, according to Pletenchuk, the Russians have minimized the number of ships in the ports of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"There are mostly those units that did not find a place in the basing points in Novorossiysk, Sochi and Tuapse," he said.

Earlier it was reported that on the night of March 5, the Ukrainian Defense Forces hit the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship Sergey Kotov near the Kerch Strait. This ship was a significant loss for the enemy, as its value is about $65 million. The operation was carried out by a special unit of the DIU Group 13 with the help of Magura V5 marine drones.

According to the DIU, the occupants wanted to deploy a surface-to-air missile system on the Sergey Kotov. This ship, along with the cruiser Moskva, took part in the attack on Snake island.

As a result of a strike by Magura V5 maritime drones, the Russian ship of Project 22160 "Sergey Kotov" sustained damage to the stern, starboard and port sides. The attack took place in the territorial waters of Ukraine, near the Kerch Strait.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the DIU, said that the Russians managed to partially evacuate the crew. About a dozen ambulances arrived at the pier. The occupiers have at least six wounded and seven dead. In total, there could have been up to 80 people on board the Sergey Kotov.

UK intelligence also stated that Ukraine managed to sink three Russian warships in five weeks. This allows the Defense Forces to continue to limit the maneuvers of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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