Six more Russian pilots shot down by Bryansk air defence have been identified. Photo.

Helicopters and planes crash in the Bryansk region on May 13

Russian opposition media identified six more pilots who were killed when two military helicopters and at least two planes crashed in the Bryansk region on May 13. One of them had been bombing civilian targets in the Kharkiv region.

ASTRA writes about this with reference to colleagues from other publications and the results of its own investigation. By May 18, the names of nine of the 11 Russian occupiers who died that day had been identified.

Russian journalists managed to identify six more war criminals who died as a result of the crash of helicopters and planes flying to strike Ukraine.

Thus, the Russian media "Agency Novosti" found three "fresh" obituaries of the dead Russian pilots on social media. These are Captain Mikhail Chuprakov, who was on board a Su-34, as well as Sergei Ignatov and Viktor Khozhaynov, who crashed with an Mi-8 helicopter.


"One of the posts suggests that Ignatov and Khozhaynov were conducting a combat mission in a helicopter of the electronic warfare unit and died in the village of Ostrov. Together with them, the group included Maksim Savchenko, whose death became known the day before, as well as a soldier named Podvygin," the newspaper writes.

The journalists found Khozhaynov's name in the previously leaked databases of Russian military personnel. Before the start of the full-scale war against Ukraine, he served at the Military Training and Research Centre of the Russian Air Force.

The death of the occupier from Voronezh was confirmed by his wife Eva, who posted on social media the date of death of her "husband Vityusha" on May 13.


Ignatov, according to information from the same databases, served until February 2022 at the branch of the Military Training and Research Centre of the Air Force in Syzran. The 27-year-old occupier was originally from Penza.


Both occupants last visited their Vkontakte pages on May 13, the day of their deaths.

However, journalists did not find Mikhail Chuprakov in the leaked databases. However, his name did appear on the portal Russian-torturers.com, which collects information about war criminals who took part in the war against Ukraine. It states that Chuprakov was directly involved in the open military invasion of Ukraine. In particular, as a Su-34 pilot, he attacked civilian targets in the Kharkiv region.

"No later than 2015, Chuprakov appeared on the Zvezda TV channel's programme 'Legendary Planes', where he spoke about the design of the Su-34. At that time, he was presented as a lieutenant, a senior pilot. Chuprakov's obituary also states that a total of eleven people were killed in the crash of the Su-34, Su-35 and two Mi-8s," the journalists noted.


Russian journalists had previously reported on the death of Maxim Savchenko during a 'plane crash' in the Bryansk region. The fact of the occupier's "denazification" was revealed after his wife published a message on her page. Savchenko was a native of Krasnodar and flew an Mi-8. The occupier, in addition to Ukraine, managed to fight in Syria, was a captain by rank, and had one minor child.


Another pilot who was on board the Mi-8 was Andrei Podvigin. He was from the town of Ostrov, Pskov Oblast. In April, the occupier celebrated its 25th anniversary.



Two other invaders were identified by journalists of the project "Можемо пояснити" ("We Can Explain").


Thus, according to the publication, on May 13, Denis Yakimov from the Pskov region was killed.

"His photo was among the other pictures of the dead installed in the military unit of the airfield in Veretia. He served in the 15th Army Aviation Brigade, military unit 44440. His speciality was an operator of an electronic warfare system. Yakimov's page in VK has been deleted," the journalists said.


Sergei Taran, 34, from Ufa, also went to Kobzon's concert. He was the commander of one of the downed Mi-8s. The occupier served at the 378th Air Base in the 6th Helicopter Regiment. In 2011, he graduated from the Syzran Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots. Before military service, he lived in Ufa.


In addition to the above-mentioned occupants, on May 13, Sergei Chigileichik and Dmitry Osipov, as well as Gleb Polyakov, were also "denazified".

24-year-old Lieutenant Sergei Chigileichik, who was in one of the downed Mi-8s, was a graduate of the Vyazma-Bryansk school in the Smolensk region, where his mother works. On May 15, the school held a mourning line in his honour. The date of the occupier's funeral has not yet been set.

26-year-old Dmitry Osipov from Vyazma graduated from the Zhukovsky and Gagarin Air Force Academy in Voronezh. According to media reports, the occupier is survived by a 24-year-old widow.

"Bryanskaya Street managed to find out the name of another pilot, Gleb Polyakov," the journalists added.


Polyakov was a Su-34 pilot.

"The search for the remains of at least one victim is still ongoing. One of the volunteers told the Ministry of Defence that the search teams managed to find "only the pilot's left hand". "It's a swampy place, we searched everywhere, we walked kilometres in different directions. We were told to look for the uniform, but we didn't find the uniform," he said. According to media reports, at least 9 pilots were killed in the attack, while other sources claim that 11 were killed, but the exact number of downed aircraft is unknown. The authorities are still not giving any information about the victims and the causes of the crash," the Russian journalists added.

Earlier it was reported that four units of the Russian army aviation crashed in the Bryansk region during the day: two Mi-8 helicopters, as well as Su-34 and Su-35 attack aircraft.

One of the helicopters went down near Klintsy, the other near the village of Volkustychi in the Unetsky district. A Su-34 was burning up in Istrovka, Starodubsky municipal district, and a Su-35 crashed in the village of Shkryabin.

All crew members died on the spot.

At the same time, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia lost not 4, but 5 military aircraft and helicopters in the Bryansk region. The defenders of Ukrainian skies advised the Russians to look for the causes of the "plane crash" in the Bryansk air defence system.

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