Russia wants to force the West to push Ukraine to negotiations: ISW reveals Kremlin's plan

Russia wants to force the West to push Ukraine to negotiate

The terrorist state of Russia has once again intensified its information campaign to force the West to push Ukraine to make concessions. The Kremlin wants the Ukrainian government to negotiate on terms favourable to Russia.

Dictator Vladimir Putin has reiterated the Russian side's "openness to dialogue" in a telephone conversation with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. This is stated in the analytics of the Institute for the Study of War.

The Kremlin leader accused Kyiv and Western countries of allegedly blocking the negotiation process. Analysts note that Putin's statement does not indicate that Russia is interested in continuing negotiations with Ukraine, and the Kremlin has not created serious grounds for negotiations and has not abandoned its maximalist goals to seize Ukraine.

ISW believes that in this way Russia is trying to reinforce its false statements about its readiness to negotiate with Ukraine in connection with the arrival of China's Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui in Moscow to discuss a negotiated settlement of Russia's war against Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that earlier in his visit to European countries last week, the Chinese representative called on European officials to end the war in Ukraine on terms favourable to Russia.

The West is convinced that China's main interests lie in ensuring Russia's victory and preventing Russia from using nuclear weapons. The announced engagement likely indicates that China may be trying to push the West to force Ukraine to agree to a ceasefire and give up the occupied territories to Russia.

In its turn, Moscow is reinforcing its misguided interests in the negotiations ahead of the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive to prevent the continuation of Western assistance to Ukraine.

As a reminder, Li Hui, the Chinese government's special representative for Eurasian affairs, left a clear message from Beijing during his tour of Europe in May. The PRC believes that the US allies in Europe should defend their autonomy and demand an immediate ceasefire, leaving Russia with the parts of Ukraine it currently occupies.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced his intention to hold a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the "appropriate time". According to him, a prerequisite for a "just peace" in Ukraine is the withdrawal of Russian troops.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, during Russia's full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, some countries have come up with dubious peace initiatives to end the war. These proposals contain so-called compromises, which can often be seen as pushing Ukraine to surrender its territories and negotiate with Russian terrorists.

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