Russia strikes at Mykolaiv: fires start after explosions, woman injured. Photo.

Locals were urged not to distribute photos/videos from the places of arrival

Late in the evening of May 16, the aggressor country of Russia struck Mykolaiv again. Explosions were heard in the city, followed by fires. One person has been reported injured.

This was reported by the mayor of the city, Oleksandr Senkevich. He urged Mykolaiv residents not to share photos/videos from arrival sites or CCTV cameras (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"There are fires after the explosions. All services will be working, and we will give official information after the firefighters are done," Senkevich said.


Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, confirmed the attack. He also emphasised that people should not post footage of the arrival and concentration of Ukrainian military equipment.

"You need to ask Apple to disable the photo and video function during an alarm. Or "chopping off fingers" should be included in the Criminal Procedure Code. 1 object - localisation, open area (no casualties)," Kim said.

Later he added that there was a victim - a woman with a shrapnel wound. Kim also showed the target of the occupiers. It turned out to be an ordinary supermarket.

"I'm going to show you one of the Russian military targets... And yes, 1 out of 4 "super-modern analogue missiles of the latest batch" does not explode or does not reach - this is the Russian standard now. Buy Russian weapons: we give a 75% guarantee that it will work," the head of the RMA wrote.


On the morning of May 17, the press service of the State Emergency Service reported that Russian shelling of Mykolaiv, ammunition and shell fragments had partially destroyed a car dealership, a shopping centre, and a building at an industrial infrastructure facility, Suspilne Mykolaiv noted.

Rescuers extinguished the fire. The operation involved 69 rescuers.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on the night of Tuesday, May 16, powerful explosions occurred in Kyiv and the region: Russian occupation forces attacked the Ukrainian capital for the eighth time with missiles and kamikaze drones.

Air defence systems in the region performed well, shooting down all enemy targets, but their wreckage fell in several areas and there were casualties.

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