"Now is the time to reorganize for the long game": American general gives his forecast for the war in Ukraine

A full-scale war
A full-scale war. Illustrative photo. Source: Created with the help of AI

Mobilization is important for Ukraine because the country needs to adjust to a "long game" war. The Russian occupation forces are likely to focus on limited attacks this spring, and in the summer they will try to launch a larger-scale offensive.

Retired US Major General David Grange, co-founder of the Osprey Global Solutions Ukraine charity foundation, shared his forecast in an interview with Radio Liberty. In his opinion, "the war will last a long time."

"And that's why I say this. If the goal is to restore the borders as of 2014, it will require a lot of effort. To defend what is currently under Kyiv's control – this will also take time. That is why mobilization is so important for Ukraine now... Now is the time to adjust to the long game, because this will not end soon," Grange said.

When asked about the likely scenario of further hostilities, the military said that he believes the Russians will try to "conduct limited attacks, especially this spring." 

The Russian Armed Forces have had limited successes recently – but they are significant for dictator Vladimir Putin and his propaganda." I think there will be a larger offensive in the summer," the expert suggested.

Many factors will influence the situation. For example, whether the United States will decide to help Ukraine and whether Europe will be able to increase its support. Grange noted that "resources are starting to dwindle for everyone," including America. "And we need to have our reserves for other threats that we face or our allies face, besides Ukraine. And this is very difficult," he said.

According to the retired major general, Russia's actions can be deterred by two things: weapons and asymmetric warfare. Ukraine is doing the latter very well.

"I mean special operations. I mean what is happening in the Black Sea. What is happening in Russia, what is happening behind the front line. This has an incredible psychological effect and creates conditions for maneuvering and for the rest of the conventional operations. So I think Ukraine should continue in the same spirit, if not increase the scale of such operations. They are doing a very good job," Grange praised the Defense Forces.

Interview with David Grange.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Ukraine has started regularly attacking military-industrial complex facilities in Russia. The occupiers are forced to balance the risks to try to protect potential targets, UK intelligence said earlier.

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