"Not only Ukraine": US ambassador names countries to which "imperialistic Russia" poses a serious threat

Russia's actions pose a threat to Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania. Source: USAmbKyiv

Imperialistic Russia is the greatest threat not only to Ukraine but also to its other neighbors. If it were not for the selfless struggle of Ukrainians against the aggressor and their opposition to Moscow's attempts to take control of the Black Sea, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria would have faced the consequences.

This was stated by the United States Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink. She spoke at the Black Sea Security Forum held in Odesa.

"We see Odesa, for which the entire Ukrainian people continue to fight, despite Russia's attempts to take control of the Black Sea. Russia is the biggest threat not only to Ukraine but also to Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria. And if Russia were to succeed in Ukraine, these countries would also face an imperialistic and destructive neighbor," she said.

Brink noted that the United States is aware of Russia's ongoing attacks on Odesa and the almost daily missile and drone attacks on the city's civilian infrastructure. She emphasized that Russia is trying to turn food into a weapon through its attacks on civilian ports and ships.

"We know about the constant attacks on Odesa. We see that Odesa is fightin despite Russia's attempts to take control of the region.... Russia is trying to turn food into a weapon," Brink said.

The Ambassador added that the partners see the progress being made with the establishment of the humanitarian corridor.

Brink said she was impressed by the way the Ukrainian army managed to "squeeze" Russian ships out of a certain part of the Black Sea.

"About 1,850 ships have left Ukrainian ports and transported thousands of tons of various cargoes. The corridor ensures Ukraine's economic stability and the possibility of recovery... I feel the economic resilience of Odesa, ports and businesses are working..." Brink said.

It should be noted that the international Black Sea Security Forum is taking place in Odesa on June 14-16, with the main topic being the situation in the Black Sea region, which has become the scene of the fiercest geopolitical confrontation. Participants of the event are discussing security issues in Odesa region and the Black Sea, including food, environmental, energy and logistics security.

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