Minus another plane: a Russian Su-25 crash-landed in Melitopol and caught fire

Russia loses another Su-25

In the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia, the Russian occupiers suffered losses again. A Russian Su-25 attack aircraft made a "hard landing" near the airfield in Melitopol.

After that, the townspeople saw smoke in the area of the airfield, where the enemy has been particularly active in recent days. This was stated by the mayor of the temporarily occupied city, Ivan Fedorov.

"A few hours ago, smoke began to rise over our Melitopol airfield, which was seized by the occupiers. And there was a lot of smoke that our residents in the temporarily occupied territory could see. Secondly, we are currently checking the information, but one of the enemy's aircraft made an emergency landing at our Melitopol airfield. This information is being checked," he said.

According to Fedorov, in recent days, the invaders have begun to "behave more intensively" at the Melitopol airfield. The occupiers brought a large amount of fuel there, and their helicopters were constantly taking off and landing.

"In short, the enemy has definitely suffered. A little later we will find out exactly what the enemy was burning at our Melitopol airfield," Fedorov added.

According to the Melitopol-based Ria Melitopol newspaper, at 11.48 a.m., Melitopol residents saw a black column of smoke at the end of the runway, preceded by dull explosions.

"At 12.18, there was no smoke. Later, it was reported that an enemy plane or helicopter had crashed on the runway. Two ambulances and a fire truck went in that direction. Earlier, some sources had reported that an enemy Su-25 had crashed somewhere near Melitopol. Soon, the information was confirmed by Russian propagandists, and the occupiers admitted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had shot down their attack aircraft with man-portable air defence systems, but the pilot managed to get the plane to the airfield in Melitopol and make an emergency landing. minus one "bird", the journalists noted.

Ukrainian monitoring channels reported the destruction of an enemy Su-25 near the temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia at around 3pm.

"Minus Su-25 in the area of the temporarily occupied Melitopol today," the report said.


On May 24, it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter. This piece of aircraft is worth about $16 million.

And on May 13, two Mi-8 helicopters and Su-34 and Su-35 fighters crashed one after the other in the Bryansk region. None of the occupants on board survived. There are 11 dead pilots, but not all of them have been identified.

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