It's not just a formality: medical company captain explained how NATO standards help in tactical medicine. Video

Transition to NATO standards in tactical medicine is an objective necessity

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in transition from the Soviet past to NATO standards. This also applies to tactical medicine. And this is not just a formality. Despite the transition period, NATO standards actually work on the battlefield and help save the lives and health of our defenders.

Andrii Huk, captain of the medical company of the Bureviy Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, said this in an interview with OBOZ.UA. He explained that the transition to NATO standards in tactical medicine is an objective necessity in modern warfare.

The Soviet army did not have combat medics. There was a rifleman-sanitarian or company sanitary instructor. This soldier could not be near the soldiers at the time of injury. There were no stages of evacuation, no sorting of the injured. The Soviet system was inherited by the Ukrainian army, which existed in such realities until 2014.

"Previously, small arms were mostly used, and there were mostly bullet wounds. There were no guided bombs, no missile strikes... That is, there was a different level of damage, you know? Because here now we have mostly shrapnel wounds. And protective equipment according to NATO standards plays a big role, and our soldiers appreciat it," Andrii explained.

According to him, in today's war, combat medics often work according to NATO standards and this significantly helps to preserve the health of our fighters.

"By the way, we are far from the front line now, we are working with сoncussion. According to NATO standards, patients with сoncussion should be withdrawn from the combat zone. Why? If this is not done, if there is no such standard, repeated сoncussion leads to very serious consequences and loss of combat capability of the soldier. Do you understand? That is, the basic standard was not fulfilled and one wanted to do the best, but the result is that they are out for at least six months or even a year. That's why I agree with the transition. The only downside is that it was adopted too late," Andrii said.

In times of war, combat medics perform extremely important and responsible work at the front. Every day they fight against death and defeat it, saving the lives of our defenders.

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