HIMARS worked: the Ukrainian Armed Forces powerfully hit the enemy at three points, eliminating dozens of occupants

The Russian Federation suffered losses on the Kinburn Spit and in Zaporizhzhia

Ukrainian forces launched a series of HIMARS artillery strikes against positions of the Russian regular army on the frontline. As a result, at least 40 occupants were eliminated in early May.

The Telegram channel "Spy Dossier" which is carried out on behalf of an employee of one of the special services writes about it. "There is information about a series of missile strikes on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces using HIMARS rocket launchers," the message reads.

In particular, on May 1 at 7:30 a.m., a strike was launched against the location of the "Storm Z" (a detachment of enlisted Russian prisoners in the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District) invading unit on the Kinburn Spit.

The unit was sent to assist the Russian Navy's 22nd Army Corps in defending the Spit. Thirty-three occupants were killed and more than 50 others were wounded.


In addition, at 2:10 p.m. on May 1, there was a strike on the industrial halls of an out-of-operation dairy factory in the village of Mykhailivka, Zaporizhzhia region, which the invaders were using as hiding places for armored vehicles and personnel.

After the first strike, the "military police" and other occupants began to move in.

"Seeing the accumulation of live forces, the AFU launched a second missile strike from HIMARS at 14:43," writes Spy Dossier.

As a result, Russian military equipment was damaged, 7 occupants were liquidated, 18 were wounded. The lists of the "three hundred" included representatives of the "military police," the "police," and the "regimental commander."


At 07:55 a.m. on May 2, the command post of the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces (in /hr 89425, Voronezh) was attacked, destroying 8 pieces of military equipment. Personnel were also injured.

Data on the number of dead/injured varies, but all sources agree that the losses are "serious," writes Spy Dossier.

At the same time, the Russian command is trying by all means to conceal the losses. This is the second time that the command post of this Russian army unit has come under rocket fire from the AFU. The first one took place in June 2022, when 40 occupants were killed, the channel notes.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The AFU carried out powerful strikes against the enemy in the Tauride direction. On May 9, the occupiers lost there almost a company of manpower.

- Russian State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev told how he allegedly almost died under HIMARS shelling in Luhansk region.

- The Security Service of Ukraine detained FSB agents in eastern Ukraine who were hunting HIMARS. Five of their accomplices were caught back in December and early spring.

- The 3rd Assault Brigade of the AFU forced the occupants to flee from near Bakhmut. Important positions were returned under control.

- According to the AFU General Staff, about 690 occupants were eliminated in the past 24 hours. Since the beginning of the war Russian losses reached 196,310 invaders.

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