Caught by surprise: Special operations forces soldiers in the south entered enemy trenches and killed 10 invaders. Video of the operation

SOF soldiers entered the trenches of the enemy and destroyed the occupants

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces entered the trenches of the Russian military from the rear and destroyed a group of enemies. The occupants were given a chance to stay alive by surrendering, but they chose death.

The footage of the mopping up of the enemy position is published on the SDF YouTube channel. They are available uncensored and marked as 18+ on Telegram (to view the video, scroll to the end of the news).

It is noted that the battle took place in one of the southern directions of the front. Operators of the Marine Special Operations Center took part in it. The combat group of soldiers took the enemy by surprise.



Thus, our commandos entered the occupier's position from the rear, firing aimed small arms fire at them. Meanwhile, the fighters shouted to the invaders to come out of their holes, dropping their weapons and raising their hands behind their heads.


The occupants did not want to surrender voluntarily. Having recovered from the surprise, some soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation tried to resist as well.

"But, as can be seen from the video shot by one of our soldiers, it was in vain," the Ukrainian Special operations forces said.


The footage shows the scale of the underground "tunnels" that Russian war criminals have dug for themselves on Ukrainian soil in an attempt to seize it. It is these trenches that have become virtually a coffin for the Russian Army's military. As a result of this battle alone, ten occupants were added to the lava of the "two hundredths" in the southern direction.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier SOF soldiers captured a group of occupants who almost drowned in the Kherson region. Several invaders remained cut off from the mainland after their own comrades blew up the Kakhovka hydropower plant.

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