Blowing up the Crimean Bridge, "cotton" in Russia and more: SSU's main achievements that terrify occupants

Ukraine celebrates SBU Day on March 25. Source: SECURITY SERVICE OF UKRAINE

March 25 marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Security Service of Ukraine. It was on this day in 1992 that the Verkhovna Rada decided to establish the SSU. Today, the Security Service is one of the key components of our country's security and defense forces.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, SSU officers have been fighting in all hot spots and have made an important contribution to Ukraine's victory. Since the beginning of the war, the SSU fighters have been terrifying the Russian occupiers, destroying the enemy not only at the front but also in the rear.

Thanks to its effective work, the Security Service of Ukraine has the highest trust rating among law enforcement agencies today. The SSU conducts special operations on the front line, at sea, in the air, and behind enemy lines. Its targets are enemy manpower and military facilities on the battlefield, as well as war criminals and traitors to Ukraine in the temporarily occupied Crimea and deep inside Russia.

Also, thanks to the SSU's effective work, Russian invaders regularly lose logistics routes to supply the army and enterprises that supply the aggressor's military-industrial complex.

Blowing up the Crimean Bridge, ''cotton'' in Russia and more: SSU's main achievements that terrify occupants

One of the most significant operations of the SSU is the undermining of the illegal Crimean bridge. In particular, the SSU implemented two unique and differently conceived special operations to blow up the Crimean Bridge from land and sea.

The Security Service has repeatedly emphasized that the bridge as a logistical artery for the enemy to supply weapons to the southern front is a legitimate target of Ukraine in terms of international law, laws, and customs of warfare.

The first operation took place in October 2022. The bridge was blown up using a truck with explosives hidden in rolls of cellophane film. Preparations for the operation lasted more than six months. The second time naval drones attacked the bridge was in July 2023. Since then, it has not been fully suitable for the transportation of weapons.

Blowing up the Crimean Bridge, ''cotton'' in Russia and more: SSU's main achievements that terrify occupants

Another important achievement of the SSU is maritime drones. This is a unique development and a completely new weapon capable of hitting enemy ships and military targets in the Black Sea. For the first time, such drones were used in 2022 to attack ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol Bay. Since then, the SSU maritime drones have been constantly evolving and improving.

The SSU's current drones are Sea Baby and "Mamai." They are no longer used as kamikaze drones but as multi-purpose platforms. They can be equipped with different weapons and achieve more complex goals. Thanks to the modernization, the drones can complete a mission and return.

Since the start of the full-scale war, the Security Service of Ukraine has destroyed 11 enemy warships using naval drones. This allowed to change the location of forces in the Black Sea in favor of Ukraine and unblock the grain corridor. In turn, Russian ships are forced to hide in other ports, including Novorossiysk.

Blowing up the Crimean Bridge, ''cotton'' in Russia and more: SSU's main achievements that terrify occupants

OBOZ.UA's sources have also repeatedly confirmed that the Security Service of Ukraine regularly organizes "cotton" not only in the temporarily occupied territories but also throughout Russia.

According to their sources, since the new year, SSU drones have been actively attacking Russian oil refineries. As of today, 13 refineries have been damaged and partially disabled. All refineries work for the enemy military-industrial complex and provide the occupation army with fuel, so they are military targets.

The SSU officers are also fighting in the hottest spots of the war and destroying the enemy and its equipment. The SSU fighters support the Armed Forces with sniper fire and adjust artillery. Most of the frontline is occupied by special forces of the A Special Forces and military counterintelligence of the SSU.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the SSU soldiers have destroyed billions of dollars worth of Russian equipment. In particular, more than 800 tanks and about 1300 infantry fighting vehicles, over 600 artillery systems, and more than 400 electronic warfare and air defense systems were destroyed.

During the full-scale invasion, the SSU officers received more than 1200 state awards for their courage on the battlefield, including 13 Heroes of Ukraine (9 of them posthumously).

During the war, the SSU has been comprehensively countering Russian influence inside the country, exposing enemy agents, traitors, and collaborators. In particular, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the SSU has exposed more than 2,500 traitors, more than 6,500 collaborators, and Russian aides, as well as more than 470 gunners and adjusters. Based on these facts, 83 criminal cases have been opened against 82 clergymen of the UOC (MP) who are engaged in inciting ethnic hatred, collaborating with the enemy, and justifying Russia's aggression.

Blowing up the Crimean Bridge, ''cotton'' in Russia and more: SSU's main achievements that terrify occupants

In addition, the SSU is investigating war crimes committed by the occupiers in Ukraine. As of today, the investigation is ongoing in more than 61 thousand criminal proceedings under Article 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war). The SSU is collecting substantiated evidence to bring to justice not only the perpetrators of these crimes but also the military and political leadership of Russia.

The SSU is also actively countering threats in information and cyberspace. Since February 2022, the Security Service has neutralized about 10 thousand cyberattacks and neutralized 80 bot farms. In particular, the SSU cyber specialists prevented hacker attacks on infrastructure facilities and helped restore Kyivstar after a large-scale cyber attack.

The SSU cyber specialists also blocked attempts by Russian military intelligence to gain access to the military data exchange systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: locations and movements of the Defense Forces, their technical support, etc.

It is worth noting that for 2024, SSU Head Vasyl Maliuk announced several special operations that will hurt the enemy. In particular, 35 Sea Baby drones are being prepared for a naval battle, for which all Ukrainians have been raising money. The SSU has already shown the first drone from this batch, called Avdiivka. The SSU is also preparing for new top-secret operations.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked all the SSU soldiers. The Head of State noted that Ukraine is proud of the SSU's long-range capability and counts on the strength of the SSU special forces at the front.

"We rely on the strength of the SSU to protect against enemy operations against the internal unity of Ukraine. And we believe that the effectiveness of the SSU as one of the key elements of our Defense and Security Forces will bring our common victory closer," the President said.

The president also thanked the SSU for the constant strength they have shown in combat since the first days of the full-scale war. Zelenskyy emphasized that the Security Service of Ukraine destroys Russia's ability to undermine our lives from within.

"We also appreciate that the Security Service of Ukraine is working to investigate Russian war crimes. When such investigations are effective, justice for Ukraine and Ukrainians becomes closer," the president said.

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