ATACMS, money and the strategy of victory: what exactly does the voted US aid to Ukraine mean for Ukraine

The United States pledges to provide Ukraine with ATACMS missiles. Source: Dean Johnson

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a bill that not only provides for military assistance to Ukraine here and now, but also obliges the U.S. government to develop a concept for a long-term support strategy for our country. The document also provides for weapons that Ukraine has needed for many months.

In particular, the United States undertakes to provide the Ukrainian army with ATACMS long-range ballistic missiles. OBOZ.UA found out what else the bill passed in Congress envisages.

The US House of Representatives has actually approved a strategy for long-term support of Ukraine, which, in particular, enshrines our country's victory in the war with Russia as the main goal. To effectively achieve this goal, the Congress demanded that the US Department of Defense and the State Department develop a strategy to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The U.S. government must submit these proposals no later than 45 days after the law comes into force. It is worth noting that for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the purpose of military assistance was clearly stated in official US documents.

It is also worth mentioning that, according to the law, the US President is obliged to provide Ukraine with ATACMS long-range missiles. However, the document has an amendment that the transfer of this weapon system should not harm the interests of US national security.

In total, the aid package amounts to almost $61 billion in military and non-military aid. At the same time, Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized that about 80% of this amount will remain in the United States, because it is not a transfer of money, but mainly an equivalent amount of assistance.

The Americans will spend more than $27 billion on arms purchases. 13.8 billion will be spent on the production, repair and re-equipment of weapons for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative program. Another 7.8 billion will be spent on existing weapons and ammunition from the US Army's warehouses. In particular, this will allow the Armed Forces to receive weapons in the shortest possible time.

Also, 1.6 billion is provided for the purchase of weapons from the United States. This program will allow Ukraine to buy weapons and ammunition from U.S. military warehouses. Ukraine will be able to use almost 4 billion more to buy weapons from the US Army's stockpiles.

In addition, the law provides for the supply of non-military aid. In particular, $9.4 billion will be provided to the Ukrainian government on a loan basis. Of this amount, Ukraine will receive $1.58 billion in economic aid in the form of non-refundable grants in 2024, and another $7.85 billion will be provided in the form of a loan.

As a reminder, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the adoption of the most important law by Congress will help support Ukraine and Israel, as well as strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific region. According to him, the United States continues to stand with its allies and partners around the world.

Earlier it was reported that the leaders of European countries reacted to the vote of the US House of Representatives on further assistance to Ukraine. Some politicians said that the European Union should also provide more assistance to Kyiv to fight the Russian occupiers.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the first batch of military aid from the United States may be delivered to Ukraine in a few days after the relevant law is signed by US President Joe Biden, if it is approved by the Senate. It will be weapons from the Pentagon's stockpiles in Germany.

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