A Pile of Iron: Bild showed the wreckage of the Russian supersonic rocket "Kinzhal", which was shot down over Kyiv. Video

Wreckage of the downed "Dagger" in the Kyiv region was shown on video

German journalists showed what was left of the Russian X-47M2 "Kynzhal" airborne missile, which the Russian authorities called "hypersonic". It was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers on the night of May 4 in the sky over Kyiv.

BILD journalist Paul Ronzheimer shot a video of the pile of scrap metal that became the pride of the Russian defense industry after encountering the American Patriot system. He stressed: the first confirmed shooting down of the "miracle weapon" boasted by Russian President Vladimir Putin was a real sensation.

Journalists managed to see the remnants of the KINJAL hypersonic missile in Kyiv. It was shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on May 5 using the Patriot system over the capital.

Rontzheimer published exclusive footage of the wreckage of the Russian "Kinzhal" on his Twitter account.

"Today we were able to see in Kyiv the wreckage of the "Kinzhal" missile shot down on May 5 (perhaps the journalist stated this date erroneously, because according to Nikolai Oleshchuk, commander of the AFU air force, the missile was hit a day earlier, on the night of May 4 - Ed. ) by the Patriot system. This became a sensation, because the hypersonic missile was considered to be Putin's 'miracle weapon,'" the military journalist noted.

Ronzheimer added that an examination of parts of the missile, which the Russian military and the political leadership of the aggressor state assured it was hypersonic and impossible to shoot down, was currently continuing.

However, as it turned out, nothing is impossible for the AFU and the Ukrainian air defense system.


Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko demonstrated the head part of the X-47M2 "Kinzhal" missile shot down by Russian air defense forces.

"The Kinzhals are the newest type of missile available to Russia. They were adopted by the Russian army in 2018, and since then the Russian Federation has only been able to produce a few dozen Kinzhals.


The warhead of the X-47M is 500 kg, and the missile has a speed of 3,500 to over 12,000 km/h. After launching from an airplane, the missile rises to a high altitude into the upper atmosphere. And when it sunsets on the target along a ballistic trajectory, it can reach a speed of about 12,000 km/h.

The Russian MiG-31K can carry one such missile and hit targets at a distance of 2,000 kilometers.

The Tu-22M3 planes can be equipped with 4 "Kinzhal" missiles, and the range in this case will allegedly exceed 3000 km.

Before the US Patriot systems appeared in the inventory of the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian air defense forces admitted that they could not effectively detect and destroy such missiles.


As a reminder, on May 6, Lieutenant General Nikolay Oleshchuk, commander of the Air Force of the AFU, reported the successful shooting down of a Russian "Kinzhal" during a massive attack on the Ukrainian capital on the night of May 4. Subsequently, the AFU added that Ukraine was the first in the world to shoot down such a missile from a Patriot SAM system.

On May 10, it became known that the Pentagon officially confirmed the successful beating of the Russian "Kinzhal" by Ukrainian soldiers and promised that the United States and partners would continue to provide Ukraine with ground-based air defense equipment and ammunition for it.

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