"You hate us, you kicked us out of everything": Russian Olympic champion threw a tantrum and demanded that the IOC "try to smooth out the conflict"

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Pankratov lashed out at the IOC

Two-time Olympic swimming champion Denis Pankratov accused the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of hating Russians because of the conditions of admission to competitions. The representative of the aggressor country demanded that the organization not be interested in the opinion of athletes about the war in Ukraine so that they could compete in tournaments.

Pankratov wrote about this in his column for Sports.ru. Without talking about the reasons for sanctions against the Russians, he said that the IOC "has embittered a huge country" and is not trying to seek a dialogue with representatives of the Russian Federation for the sake of their admission to international competitions.



"You think athletes should not express a political position. Then don't ask them about it! You have embittered a huge country. If anyone else had doubts, it all became clear in one day here. You hate us, you threw us out of everything. You haven't even given us a chance to think about anything. You don't understand that for us what's happening now is much more grief than for you. You are far away, and I, for example, have older children and relatives on my wife's side who are Ukrainians. And half the country is the same. And you are going to teach us when we really have families falling apart here? I'm very sorry that instead of trying to smooth out the conflict and find ways out, you just alienated one nation and didn't help the other," Pankratov said.


Earlier, the winner of the Atlanta '96 Olympics demanded that the IOC allow Russian athletes with their flags and anthem in all tournaments. The media found out that the IOC is going to allow the Russians and Belarusians to the Olympics 2024 on the terms of the refugee team. In response, Russia offered to drive tanks to Paris.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the honorary president of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev called jerks the heads of the IOC, who are considering the participation of Russian representatives at the Games in Paris in the status of refugees.

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