The Russian national biathlon team has made a new uniform "covered in blood". Photo fact

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Russian biathlete in his old uniform

The Russian Biathlon Union has unveiled the new uniform of the Russian national team for the upcoming season. The outfit concept is called Biathlon with a Great Heritage.

"The designers have presented the traditional red colour in a new interpretation, calling it the colour of heritage and tradition, the pattern reflects the grandeur and diversity of Russia's natural landscapes," the RBU said in a statement.


The designers claim that the "hare ears" element, which can be seen on the equipment, is a trademark of the Russian brand PROTEAM, the manufacturer of these kits.

"The symbol of the brand is our Russian white hare, fast, agile and clever. We are proud to be the heirs of the biathlon traditions of our great athletes, to carry the banner of their victories at the DNA level," the Russian Biathlon Union wrote in a pathetic statement on its Telegram channel.



In the comments, Russian fans called the new uniform "trash" and "horror".



"The uniforms will be redesigned, I'm sure, because there is only one association here - Russia is up to its neck in blood," users write.


Users do not understand why what is in the photo is called red.

"You can't imagine a colour in a different reading. If it's a new colour, it's a new colour. Usually, red means red-pink, but here it is brown-brick. These are just different colours," commentators are outraged.



Fans call the uniforms "from the market" and ask where their biathletes are going to compete.


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