"That's it, Russia is finished". The State Duma has come up with a new commitment, shocking Russian fans

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The fans were shocked by the deputy's initiative

Russian State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzayev has said that athletes should take an oath when they join the national team. According to the 41-year-old United Russia member, Russian athletes must understand that they are winning in the interests of the state.

"Athletes must take an oath to the Motherland when they join the Russian national teams. It should be an obligation, an oath to their country, their homeland," Khamzaev said.


The parliamentarian's initiative provoked a strong reaction from Russian fans.

"Like in North Korea", "That's it. The country is finished", "An oath on blood, no less", - mocked in the comments.


Users sarcastically suggest that an oath should be introduced for everyone.

"Why only athletes? Make all citizens, starting from kindergarten, take the military oath, because they are already preparing kids for military service. Otherwise, there may not be enough athletes for grandiose military plans," the fans say.


Fans "rejoice" in serfdom.


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