Russia has stolen the emblem of a legendary Ukrainian football club. Photo fact

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The Russians didn't bother to bother, they completely plagiarised the emblem

The Russian children's and youth club Dachny from the Krasnoselsky district of St Petersburg has completely copied the emblem of the legendary Ukrainian football club Dnipro. Vladyslav Tytarev, a veteran of the Dnipro fan movement, was the first to notice this.

The "authors" from the Russian Federation didn't bother to bother and simply copied everything, changing only the name of the club. Absolutely everything remained unchanged, including the branded boat and colour scheme.


Dachny's head coach is Sergey Aliyev, a Kharkiv football pupil who started his career at Metalist. From 2013-2014, he worked as a coach at Kharkiv Arsenal, after which he moved to AF Megapolis from St Petersburg. Since 2017, he has been coaching at FC Frunzenets from St Petersburg.


Later, Tytarev posted a screenshot of the correspondence on his Facebook page, in which Aliyev allegedly wrote to him that they had corrected the emblem by removing the coat of arms from it.


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