"Our problem, not theirs": Match TV commentator Guberniev reveals the truth about Russia in sport

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Guberniev gives a forecast for Russia's participation in the Olympics

A well-known Russian commentator Dmitry Guberniev has called the decision of some international federations to allow athletes from Russia to compete a formality. In his opinion, representatives of the aggressor country should not hope to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Guberniev said this in a commentary to the propaganda TV channel Match TV, of which he is an employee. The journalist pointed to the fact that many countries refuse to host tournaments with the participation of Russians. In particular, the commentator recalled Germany's decision to boycott the World Cup fencing competition.


"This is not the first time Germany has cancelled the competition, and they will continue to do so. So, we will not participate. First of all, they are making it worse for us, we are not competing, and this is our problem, not theirs. All those international federations that have started to admit us will face resistance from countries that do not want to see us. The admission of Russian athletes by federations is formal and de facto means nothing," Guberniev said.


The day before, it became known that Sweden had abandoned its boycott of fencing tournaments with Russians. Before that, the head of the Russian federation in this sport said that Scandinavians do not exist.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier the head of the Russian Fencing Federation Ilgar Mamedov accused Poland of "provocative conditions that do not allow us to take part in these competitions".

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