"For everyone to live in joy." Ukrainian boxer, having won the European Games, did not accuse Russia of war

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The Ukrainian boxer didn't want to say anything to his compatriots

The famous Ukrainian boxer Alexander Khizhnyak did not communicate with his compatriots after winning the finals of the European Games. The 27-year-old welterweight, having won the "gold", simply walked past the journalists and left the arena.

Khizhnyak did not want to say anything about the scandal with the International Boxing Federation or about the war in his home country.

Alexander is the only Ukrainian medalist of the European Games, who refuses to talk to the press, even Ukrainian. His Croatian opponent twice already gave comments even to the Ukrainian media - after the fight and awarding, and Poltava tank (Khizhnyak's nickname) both times he waved off the press and left the arena, reports a correspondent of OBOZREVATEL.


The next day, Alexander Khizhnyak recorded a big video message, where he said how he respected his opponents, confessed that he was very pleased with the victory and complained how difficult it was for him to prepare. In the second part of the video, after gluing Khizhnyak thanks WSU, as well as all the fans.

"Every time I remember our men who gave their lives for peace for our country. All who are fighting and defending our country. Going for peace so that there would be good, so that there would be joy, so that no one would shoot anymore, so that everyone would live in joy. It stimulated me a lot to train. My father and I, we woke up every morning and went to practice, had that opportunity. Thanks to our Armed Forces, our president, our minister, everybody who supports us and gives us a chance to go abroad. Thank God we are here, at the European Games. We are for Ukraine, we are with Ukraine. God willing, everything will be fine," said Khizhnyak.


As reported OBOZREVATEL, the day before Khizhnyak in the finals of the tournament in the weight category up to 80 kg won by knockout the Croatian Gabriel Veocic.

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