"Carlson is just a hint of a drone": Russian commentator mocks Putin's regime and authors of denunciations in Russia

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Nabutov laughed at the repression

Russian commentator Kirill Nabutov scathingly ridiculed the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin, which continues to organise mass repression. The sports journalist reacted to the arrest of film director Yevgeniya Berkovich, who condemned Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, for allegedly justifying terrorism and the ideology of ISIS terrorists.

On his YouTube channel, Nabutov ironically stated that the Russian Federation's punitive authorities do not notice many threats. In particular, he suggested that books by Nikolai Gogol should be banned in the aggressor country, and that Carlson should be removed from the cartoon.


"Horror theatre is when a young woman is detained for her performance. It seems to me that law enforcement and denunciation authors are underworked and don't pay attention to how much there is around! For example, there is a lot of Gogol, he was born in Ukraine, and he was also Polish! And how many other things are around from the West. Personally, I propose to deal with Carlson! First, he comes from the sky with a propeller. A clear hint of attacking drones. And, secondly, according to one version, Astrid Lindgren wrote him off as Hermann Göring, Hitler's chief air marshal. What is this if not propaganda for Hitler's Nazism?" - Nabutov emphasised.



Earlier, Nabutov, saying "China has Russia", ridiculed the Kremlin's attempts to rewrite history in school textbooks, in which the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin has banned the mention of Kyiv and Kievan Rus.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, former Russian national footballer Vyacheslav Malafeev spoke of "Russian character that Europeans will never have" and became a laughingstock online.

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