What changes will happen to the body if you give up alcohol for 28 days: the experts gave the answer

During the holiday season, many people abuse alcohol. In the West, there is even such a concept as "dry January" - when, after all the Christmas and New Year's celebrations are over, people take a break from drinking hard liquor at the beginning of the year. Experts explain what changes will happen to your body if you don't drink alcohol for 28 days.

The experts of Priory Group outlined in general what will happen to your body on a weekly basis. The publication Express writes about it. Profit from abstinence from alcoholic beverages, as the experts assure you, will be visible from the first week.

1 week

According to experts, during the first "alcohol-free" week, you will notice that your sleep begins to settle down.

This may mean that you will have a harder time falling asleep since alcohol promotes fast falling asleep. However, it keeps you from sleeping deeply and also makes you wake up frequently during the night from dehydration and the need to go to the bathroom. Giving up alcoholic beverages will greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

In addition, by not drinking alcoholic beverages, you will also make better food choices and are likely to eat less junk food.

Quitting alcohol will restore the water balance in your body. After all, drinking large quantities of these drinks leads to dehydration of your body: six glasses of wine "expel" 19-24 glasses of water from your body.

By replenishing the necessary amount of water in your body during the first "non-alcoholic" week, you will notice that you can concentrate more easily and feel less tired.

{"imgSrc": "", "imgWidth":1944, "imgHeight":924, "title": "Giving up alcohol will make you sleep much better", "sourceTxt":"\n\n", "alt":"\n\n"}Week 2

Two weeks after giving up alcohol, you will feel the full benefits of sleep and hydration.

You will also feel more motivated, your skin will improve, less puffy and healthier.

If you suffer from heartburn, you will notice a reduction in these symptoms during the second "no alcohol" week, as alcohol irritates your stomach mucosa.

Week 3.

At this stage, you will actually normalize your blood pressure. In addition, by giving up alcoholic beverages and drinking the right amount of water, you will also lose extra calories, which means you will become slimmer.

Week 4

During the fourth "non-alcoholic" week you will feel great. Your skin will look much better, thanks to maintaining water balance and proper nutrition, dryness will disappear, as well as unpleasant things like blackheads.

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Plus, you'll save a lot of money, look slimmer, and you'll likely have a better mood.

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