The occupant spoke about drug addiction and alcoholism in the ranks of Russian troops: one of the invaders blew himself up with a grenade. Intercept

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Putin's army soldier committed suicide bombing

Drug addiction and alcoholism are widespread in the ranks of the Russian invaders who came to our land with the war. One of the invaders, in a state of drug intoxication, blew himself up with a grenade.

This is evidenced by a new audio intercept of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The corresponding video was published on the YouTube channel of the department.

"We thought it flew in through the window, and he was all fucking guts and minced meat lying there. That's all I saw," the occupant told an acquaintance.

Thus, according to him, the military man of Putin's army committed a self-detonation.

"Nobody strangled him, when we took the body out, we realized, it was fucking smoking. Because he was fucking high on salts, take a blood test. We went to bed, he offered me, but no, I said, I'm not into that," added the hijacker.

In addition, the self-bombed occupant offered his comrade to break each other's arms so as not to fight.

"He kept telling me when we went with him: fell to go to the pool, let's break each other's arms, and let's rest," he added.

It is worth noting that the Russian occupiers feel completely demoralized and finally disappointed in the Russian "special operation. The invaders are released from the front only for crazy money; moreover, the Russians do not understand what awaits them next.

Recall that another Russian invader, who was sent to Ukraine by the aggressor country to maraud, kill and capture cities, complained that things are not at all smooth in the "second world army". The command does not hide the fact that it intends to throw the occupiers into combat until the war is over or until they "die."

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Russian Federation has begun to see that Russian men are being sent to the front lines "for slaughter." The wife of one of the "mobilizeds" complained that the Russian military leadership is not going to return their oustees home.

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