Physician talks about the benefits of walking

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Walking can be good for the whole body

It is a well-known fact that physical activity is necessary for a full and healthy life, which should only increase over the years. In fact, we often avoid sports, justifying ourselves with chronic fatigue or a constant lack of time. However, it is not necessary to set sports records to improve our well-being, because even a simple walk reduces the risk of heart disease and helps control blood pressure.

"If the benefits of exercise could be contained in a pill, everyone would be taking it." That's the opinion expressed to Northwestern Medicine by cardiologist R.C. Blum, M.D., of the Northwestern Heart Disease Institute. R.K. Mutorosan, M.D., of the Blum Heart Institute of Northwestern Medicine.

Each of us has heard about the need to walk at least 10,000 steps every day - there is no whole science behind this statement, but the point is that movement has significant benefits for our body. It should be noted that one hour of exercise cannot compensate for a passive lifestyle for another time, so physical activity must be regular and constantly increasing.

Mutharasan claims that even a little exercise can control blood pressure, lower "bad" cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and allow the body to use sugar efficiently. It should be noted that it is not necessary to exercise in excess - even 10 extra minutes of movement will have a positive effect on the work of the heart.

In addition to the positive effects on your heart system, movement will help you stay strong longer. Routine walks throughout the day will strengthen your spine and prevent potential lower back pain.

It's not the quantity but the quality of your steps and your enjoyment of them that's important for the therapeutic effect. Get up and move every time you can: get off one stop early, use the stairs instead of the elevator, visit a colleague on another floor instead of sending an e-mail, choose walking or biking instead of watching TV in the evening. All of these simple ways will not only increase daily activity, but will give you strength and energy for years to come.

Previously OBOZREVATEL talked about the effect of exercise on rehabilitation after a serious illness. Scientists noted that regular activity can significantly reduce the risk of death after a stroke.

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