"No apartment left, it's just a hole": residents of a house in Lviv, which was hit by "Kalibr" missiles, spoke about the destruction. Video

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The Russian Federation committed another terrorist attack

On the night of July 6, the Russian occupiers launched the largest missile attack on Lviv since the full-scale invasion began. "Kalibr" hit an apartment building, resulting in casualties and injuries.

Residents of the house targeted by the terrorists described the destruction. The corresponding video was published by "Public".

According to Lyudmyla, she and her family were not at home at the time of the hit. As a result of the explosion the apartment where the girl lived was destroyed.

"We heard the first explosion, got in the car and left. We came back and the apartment was gone, there was just a hole. We know about the neighbors that one person was taken to the hospital, who lived on the third floor, and what happened to those who lived on the fourth floor, I don't know," the woman said.

Another resident, Lyubov, was in an apartment on the first floor at the time of the explosion. According to her, she had to crawl to the door to save herself.

"I do not know how it was: an explosion, everything was covered, I fell off the couch, and crawled to the door on my knees. I live on the first floor, and there's no fourth floor at all. The doors were opened, all the way out. What happened to the neighbors, nobody knows anything. There are three apartments from the first floor, they are alive. On the fourth, it looks as if a woman has been swept away," says a resident of the building Lyubov.


It is worth noting that on the night of July 6, the Russian occupiers carried out the largest rocket attack on civilian buildings in Lviv since the beginning of the full-scale invasion: the "Kalibr" missiles hit critical infrastructure and a residential building. As a result of the terrorist actions of the aggressor country, four people were killed and more than 30 were injured.

President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the Russian missile strike on Lviv and promised a response to the aggressor. He showed a video shot from high above showing the extent of the destruction the city experienced due to the actions of Russian terrorists.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, the occupation troops of the aggressor country Russia on the night of Thursday, July 6, attacked Ukrainian cities with cruise missiles from the Black Sea and kamikaze drones. Air raid alert was on in all regions, and explosions were heard in the western regions.

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