Concussion after an explosion: Ukrainians were explained the symptoms and what to do first

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Concussion requires treatment to prevent complications

The security situation in Ukraine today is, frankly, not easy, and the risks for all citizens are quite high. That is why it is useful to refresh your knowledge of medical care in case of various emergencies.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has issued a memo on contusion, or as it is called in medical language, acubarotrauma (there is also an outdated version of the term - shell shock). What it is, how to recognise it and how to help the victim.

What is contusion?

Any explosion generates a shock wave that spreads in all directions at a tremendous speed. A person who gets in the way of this wave may suffer an injury that does not manifest itself in any external signs such as bleeding or bruising. This can be a closed head injury, which is significantly different from the one that can be caused by hitting the head on a hard surface - in fact, a contusion. Its peculiarity is that TBI can be accompanied by damage to the hearing and vestibular apparatus.

How does contusion manifest itself? The affected person has the following symptoms:

  • disorientation;
  • short-term loss of consciousness (from several seconds to 30 minutes);
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • severe headache;
  • problems with hearing and/or vision;
  • memory impairment or amnesia;
  • changes in psycho-emotional state.

If you see someone exhibiting at least a few of these symptoms, seek help immediately.

How to provide first aid to an injured person?

It happens that a doctor may not be able to pay attention to the victim immediately. In this case, you should help them on your own.

If the person has lost consciousness, make sure that their airways are clear and that air is flowing well through them. To do this, move the lower jaw so that the mouth is open. But at the same time, try to make sure that the victim's neck does not move - it is very important that the cervical spine is immobilised.

There is a risk that the victim will vomit even if they are unconscious. The vomit must be carefully removed so that the person does not suffocate on it. Once again, free breathing is extremely important.

In general, it is better to carefully remove any foreign objects from the mouth if they get there. Even the smallest things can interfere with airway patency.

If the victim's clothing is constricting the chest and neck, unbutton or even tear it - the air should flow freely.

If the person is not breathing, start basic resuscitation measures - pressing on the chest and, if possible, artificial ventilation in a ratio of 30:2.

How dangerous is a concussion?

Provided that the injured person follows all medical recommendations, concussion after concussion quickly resolves and has no serious long-term consequences. However, if there was no treatment or it was erroneous, the person ignored the doctor's instructions, there was a repeated blast wave, or the victim has certain health conditions, past injuries, there is a risk of developing long-term complications. These complications appear in the form of post-communication syndrome.

This syndrome is manifested by a feeling of weakness, headaches, and sudden mood swings in the victim. There may be problems with hearing, coordination, memory impairment, decreased concentration, etc. In this case, it is necessary to seek appropriate treatment.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published instructions from the Ministry of Health on how to provide first aid to victims of a terrorist attack.

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