3 ways to fight hyperpigmentation: three tips from a dermatologist's experience

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Excessive pigmentation can be treated in simple ways

Well-groomed and beautiful skin is a reason to be proud and confident. Everyone wants to preserve it for many years. However, every day our face is exposed to the negative effects of the environment - and this can cause numerous skin problems. Age spots are the most common of them. Sun protection throughout the year, proper care, and high-quality cosmetics can help.

Ultraviolet radiation is especially harmful to the skin, which is why it is so important to minimize its impact. Dermatologist Flora Kim, MD, who herself is struggling with hyperpigmentation, told Women'sHealth how to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

It is believed that age spots appear on the skin only over the years, but Flora Kim assures that they can occur under the influence of sunlight even in adolescence. Therefore, the best way to fight them is prevention.

Avoid the sun

To prevent age spots from spoiling your beauty, it's not enough to just use sunscreen, as the sun's rays are quite aggressive. For the sake of skin health, you should avoid the slightest exposure to the sun. To do this, you should wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses even in cloudy weather, and use an antioxidant and sunscreen on all exposed surfaces of the body.

Use a pigmentation remedy

To prevent or reduce the appearance of age spots, Dr. Kim recommends choosing a high-quality hyperpigmentation cream. As a rule, it has a lightening effect and may tingle a little when applied.

Take care of your skin properly

Daily care is the best way to preserve your beauty and youthfulness. For cleansing and toning, choose products that are right for you. Do not use the same moisturizer throughout the year, as your skin's needs change depending on the season and for individual reasons. Be sure to complete your skincare routine by applying sunscreen, regardless of the season.

Also, don't forget to cleanse your skin in the evening. To get rid of daytime dirt, sweat, and dead epidermal particles, use oily cleansers and cosmetics selected according to your skin type.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to get rid of age spots, which is why it is worth organizing your care in a young age in such a way as to prevent their appearance.

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