The focus is on strengthening air defense: Zelensky arrives in Romania and names key issues of negotiations

Zelensky's visit to Romania

On October 10, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the Romanian capital Bucharest to meet with his counterpart Klaus Iohannis. The politicians will discuss prospects for further cooperation between the two countries, as well as support for the Ukrainian people amid the ongoing war with Russia.

This is stated in the official Telegram channel of the president. Earlier, the Romanian Chancellery reported that this is the first official visit of the Ukrainian leader to Romania since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops.

"Bucharest, Romania. An official visit to our good neighbors, who supported us in the most difficult moment and whose support is only growing over time," Zelensky said, adding that he and his Romanian counterpart have a wide range of topics for talks.

On behalf of Ukrainians, he expressed gratitude to the Romanian people for their sincere and large-scale assistance, which significantly strengthens the country's defense. And also for the most constructive solidarity, which allows both countries "to be significant donors of security for the world, including food security".

In addition, he emphasized that the countries have already established cooperation that supports the stability of many other nations and can expand it even further.

It is known that Iohannis received Zelensky at the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest. At the meeting, they will talk about further security cooperation, the development of aviation and other defense coalitions, strengthening our air defense, the overall security architecture in the Black Sea region, and relations with partners.

"This visit will benefit both our peoples," the President of Ukraine expressed his conviction.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the day before, Zelensky announced work on solving the problem of global terrorism. The bloody events that unfolded over the weekend in Israel have shaken the international community and may affect Ukraine.

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