Provide for specific amounts of aid to Ukraine: Zelenskyy's representative on security agreements with Germany and France

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Security agreements with France and Germany provide for a specific amount of assistance to Ukraine.

The amount of specific assistance to Ukraine from France and Germany is subject to security agreements with these countries and a clear scope of assistance. And the Ukrainian Armed Forces must become one of the strongest armies in Europe to guarantee the security of partner countries.

This was emphasized by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ihor Zhovkva during a TV marathon. He said that these agreements set out the amounts for 2024.

"A number of important points have already been fixed. They should remain unchanged regardless of who will lead the states, what the intensity of hostilities will be, and what will happen after the victory," the official said.

He also added that the agreements set out not only the amount of aid provided by these countries since 2022 but also the amount of aid for 2024. In particular, Germany is allocating seven billion euros, and France - up to three billion.

In addition, during the Munich conference, Berlin has already announced a new aid package worth more than one billion euros. It is noted that half of the amount has already been contracted by specific companies. In addition, equipment, weapons and ammunition will be transferred to Ukraine from Bundeswehr warehouses.

"This was not the case before. Now we are clearly fixing the amount for the current year. In addition, we know what we will receive over the next ten years. And this is one of the first security guarantees," Zhovkva explained and noted that this level of assistance should remain the same or become even higher.

It is noted that these documents really guarantee that this level of support will remain until Ukraine's victory and, importantly, after the victory. Zhovkva also emphasized that the agreement with France states that Ukraine is ready to guarantee the security of the republic, if necessary.

In addition, in the event of an escalation of aggression or renewed aggression by the occupying country after Ukraine's victory, security agreements provide for a mechanism for the signatory countries to act.

"These agreements clearly describe this mechanism. The volume of joint additional support in the form of weapons and ammunition should remain unchanged. Moreover, the G7 and NATO member states will coordinate with each other on the operation of this mechanism. If they find a way to improve it, we will add new provisions to the agreements," the official assured.

He noted that although the agreements do not fix a specific figure for annual assistance, the amount of aid "will definitely not be lower than in 2024."

The third important guarantee, according to Zhovkva, is specific types of military assistance from partners.

"Both countries are already helping with the types of weapons we need. It is very important to put this on paper. In addition, it should be emphasized that this assistance will last for at least ten years. The occupying country must see and know this," the official summarized.

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